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Jian Ping   interviewed by Nicki Shoe at Asian Fortune

The sober face of a small girl stares at me across time and space. Her lips are curved downward like a moon sickle, and her black eyes are hard. There is little of the carefree innocence one commonly associates with youth to be read in her face. I am sure she had never cradled a Raggedy Ann in her arms or heard of Holly Hobbie.

Far from it. Jian Ping was a mulberry child – that is, a child who survived the hardships of the the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in China. With brushstrokes as delicate as a Chinese calligrapher’s, she paints the portrait of a family in northeast China who held together against many historical odds. The result is Mulberry Child: A Memoir of China (Morrison McNae, 2008).

Jian Ping’s memoir is based on her own recollections, interviews, and meticulous research. She has been a much sought-after guest speaker and featured author at many events, most recently at the Kentucky Library Association’s Annual Book Event in Lexington, Kentucky. She has given both radio and television interviews. In an exclusive interview with Asian Fortune, Jian Ping talks with warmth about Mulberry Child – and beyond…

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Ellis M. Goodman  interviewed by Norm Goldman


Would you say that the publication of your first novel Bear Any Burden is the culmination of a life long dream? As a follow up, how did you decide you were ready to write Bear Any Burden?


I wouldn’t describe it as a life-long dream.  However, everybody feels they have a novel in them.  I’ve always liked the espionage/spy genre.  I also like family sagas and World War II stories.  I had already written a business book titled, CORONA THE INSIDE STORY OF AMERICA´S #1 IMPORTED BEER.

My wife thought I should try and write a novel around the same theme.  And, although my espionage novel, BEAR ANY BURDEN, does not have a beer background, it still has connections to the Beverage Alcohol Industry.  I have tried to include my favourites – espionage /spy story with a strong family saga and interwoven World War II action.

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