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Panel at FAPAC Annual Conference

FAPAC, Houston. From left to right: Alice Wong, Chau le Williams, Jian Ping and Charles Fan

From left to right: Alice Wong, Chau Le Williams, Jian Ping and Charles Fan. FAPAC, Houston. May 12, 2009

It was inspiring to be at the Federal Asian Pacific American Council’s annual conference (24th) in Houston earlier this week. The theme of this year’s week-long conference is Leadership to Meet the Challenges of a Changing World. Mr. Farook Sait, President of the Council, addressed the attendees several times during the two days I was there. He is one of the most eloquent and inspiring speakers I’ve ever met. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and talk with him in person.  

I felt honored to be a panelist at the conference and delighted to meet with many people. Among them, Mr. Kin Wong, Co-Chair of the Conference, Mr. Charles Fan, Immediate Past President of the Council, Ms. Alice Wong, Senior Advisor at the State Department who introduced me at my panel, Ms. Marina Milton, Chair, Program Committee, Mr. Pushparajan Arokiaswamy, Executive Secretary, Ms. Chau Le Williams, former President of the Council, Mr. Hillol Ray, Poet Laureate, and more.  Many talented, high achievers. In fact, it was the first conference I had ever attended in the US that had so many Asians under one roof. I felt the energy and bonding of the group and became more conscious of the role that each of us should play in our daily life and responsibilities as an Asian, an immigrant, in this adopted country that we now call home.

I was the sole panelist on the plenary “Yes, You Can, Overcoming Adversity.” I talked about Belief and Optimist, Persistence and Patience. I also encouraged everyone to cast away the limitations we tend to set over ourselves and pursue the dream(s) and passion we possess. The one-hour-and-fifteen-minute session flew by. In the end, many people in the audience left their names and e-mail addresses for further communication. I felt privileged and encouraged.

I had to leave the Conference to get back to my work in Chicago. I wish I could have stayed longer, attending some sessions and engaging in more inspiring discussions.



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